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       Photo Credit: Mehdi Cee, ICEEU Visuals

A bit about the writer:

Maya Khamala is a Montreal-based writer. Her writings include, but are not limited to: poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, journalism, and philosophical meanderings, all of which explore in some way the rocky romance between personal and political ways of interacting with the world. And some of her writing is just trying to be sexy.


While her family background is a Surinamese-Indian-Lithuanian-Russian mix of sorts, she grew up in Quebec's rural Eastern Townships, and is really into animals, trees, and fire. Sitting by a fire is about the most grounding thing she can possibly think of.


She is the founder of Missing Justice, a solidarity group which organizes popular education events about violence against First Nations women in Canada, and she used to work at Montreal's Centre for Gender Advocacy , first as Promotions Coordinator and then as Campaigns & Programming Coordinator. She has a Masters degree in Creative Writing at Concordia University, where she also worked as a Teaching Assistant.

Nowadays, she runs a creative copywriting business.


She wants to spend her life teaching and writing and promoting different forms of revolution.



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