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A thousand January moments

Lapse into one

As we

Caffeinate, conversing

This early to rise sobriety

Loves us both

And happy late birthday


I think of you now

And I’ve been down

(We mellow in sorrow sometimes to catch blame

All the while knowing we must love the game)

Struggling to seem joyful in the eyes of woeful wishers

Fairy kingdom fishers

Compensating creatures

Coveting another’s happy day

Wallowing in the wonder it takes

To forgive yourself

and move on;


To seek glitter, predestined

And pre-enjoyed bliss


But I fear that the fairies have no more to tale

I fear that the roses have fast lost their smell

I fear that we lie to ourselves and don’t see

So how do you shimmer and glow so?

How do we flow

In the murmur of after-hours thinking?

How will we know if the eyes of this world are shutting or blinking?


The breath of this dream will continue to presuppose doubt;

A mere gust in the dust of so many

Who stand short and die tall

Small explosions all in all

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