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Huddled in the corner of the mind of our century is a blueprint of the things we always knew would bring us here

unto lightness unto cosmos unto singing unto pain


Reminded of a day that’s never even really happened we rebirth for what it’s worth we do come into fire again


Immaculate convictions bring distinction wealth and fame

controlling heart is just another way to play the same


Unnerved are we who only see the light through all the womb

perturbed are we who can’t imagine dark inside the tomb


Shed another layer of your emptiness too soon my dear

for then you find you overflow with sun before the moon


It’s clear

we can’t be dreaming that the time is ill at hand

and clear we can be caught and stripped of thought upon demand


So stand stand equal up it’s now or never fill your cup

with tears and years will fly before you thirst for want of more

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